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  • Revised HS SENIORITY PROVISIONAL LIST as per G.O.No.DPAR-182-SRR-2011-dt.6/5/2017( published on 5/08/2017)
  • Revised Group B officers NOC details of 2017-18 (updated 27/7/17)
  • Revised Group B officers NOC details of 2017-18 (updated 27/7/17)
  • Revised Provisional Seniority list of SDA as per G.O.No.DPAR-182-SRR-2011-dt.6/5/2017
  • Revised Group B officers NOC details of 2017-18 (updated 6/7/17)
  • Group B officers NOC details of 2017-18
  • Non Teaching staff NOC details of 2017-18
  • Chief vigilence officer/vigilience officer information of acpi gulbarga division
  • more....

    To Equip the children of the Gulbarga Division with requisite knowledge, skills, attitudes, values and other capabilities in order to enable them to become good human being and to productive and socially responsible persons and to function as efficient, effective and successful citizens and achieve excellence in whatever field they pursue.

    To Ensure that all children of Gulbarga between six and fourteen years of age complete at least eight years of quality, relevant, free and compulsory education and further every child will be able to complete ten yearn of meaningful and quality education.


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